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The FARMAPOL company has been operating in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 70 years. Thanks to the skillful use of both tradition and experience as well as combining them with the latest knowledge and technological standards we have been successfully operating on the Polish pharmaceutical market for many years.
Our reputation as a responsible and reliable business partner has been confirmed by the fact that every year our company is a winner of the Fair Play Company and Reliable Partner programmes.


The Company’s trade offer includes medicinal products and diet supplements. We also manufacture and sell pharmaceutical raw materials and semi-finished products and render services in the area of contractual manufacturing.
Our products command respect of both patients and specialists in medicine and pharmaceutics. Some of them like Topinulin®, Klarin® Aktiv, Kalivit, Kardiostabil won such prizes as Teraz Polska” (“Poland Now”), „Złoty Lek” (“Gold Medicine”), „Ziołowy Oskar” (“Herbal Oscar”), „Złoty Otis” (“Gold Otis”), „Nagroda Profesorów Farmacji” (“Award of Professors of Pharmaceutics”) and others.


Out of concern for the health and safety of patients a team of experts spares no effort to offer innovative and effective products of the highest quality. Care of the highest quality standards begins at the stage of selecting suppliers of raw materials used for production.
Manufacture of medicinal products and pharmaceutical raw materials complies with the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice. We have the GMP certificate which guarantees regular and tight control of all stages of manufacturing medicinal products.
The implemented HACCP system guarantees safety of the manufacturing process of diet supplements but also the process of acquiring and supplying raw materials, storing raw materials and end products, their transport and packaging.


Protection of the environment is one of the objectives of our company. Applied technologies are environmentally friendly and do not contaminate the environment. They are safe for the air, water as well as soil. The company has adequate permits which regulate emissions into the air as well as management of water and waste. We consider application of all the new technologies before they are implemented paying special attention to their impact on the environment.


We spare no effort to be a company which is sensitive to the needs of people and their environment. Our aim is to use knowledge and available technologies in order to extend our offer by preparations which are available at an affordable price and which are essential in prevention and supporting treatment of many illnesses.

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