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About the Company

Przedsiębiorstwo Farmaceutyczne Farmapol Sp. z o.o. is a Polish pharmaceutical manufacturer.                                                                                                                                                             


Our many years’ experience are combined with the latest knowledge and technological standards, thanks to which we have been successfully operating on the Polish pharmaceutical, dietary and cosmetic markets for years, supporting the health of patients & consumers, contributing to the improvement of well-being and thus the quality of their lives.

Our team consists of qualified staff. We employ a number of specialists whose knowledge and experience allow us to maintain high production standards, which translate into the quality of our products.

Our product range includes:
– Prescription drugs
– Non-prescription drugs
– Dietary supplements
– Cosmetics
– The preparation of active substances for the pharmaceutical industry
– Contract production services related to manufacturing and packaging

Out of concern for the health and safety of patients & consumers, we make every effort to ensure that our products are innovative and of high quality.

We manufacture the following active substances at the Plant:
– Magnesium hydrogen aspartate tetrahydrate
– Zinc hydrogen aspartate dihydrate

The Plant holds a GMP certificate within the scope of its production and control, and is included in the National Register of the Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors of Active Substances.


1945 – The Pharmaceutical Cooperative with share responsibility is established

1952 – The commencement of operations at ul. Św. Wojciech 29, Poznań

1958 – The adoption of the name “FARMAPOL”

1998 – The purchase from the State Treasury of the plant by employees and former employees,
the commencement of business activities as a Limited-Liability Company

2015 – The 70th anniversary of the Company

2015 – The acquisition of Herba Studio from Wysogotowo near Poznań,
which facilitated the broadening of the Company’s product range by Tisane (herbal cosmetics) and Ispagul S (dietary supplements)

2018 – The 20th anniversary of the LLC

We adhere to the following values

The quality
of our products

About the Company
The strategic task of the management and all plant employees is to ensure the high quality of operations, from the purchase of raw materials, product development and production, to sales. The production of safe medicines, dietary supplements, and cosmetics, in compliance with the applicable law, is always the most-important thing for us.

customer expectations

About the Company
Our goal is to meet our customers’ expectations and requirements.

Taking care
of our employees

About the Company
We aim to guarantee our employees a friendly working environment and the continuous improvement in their qualifications, motivation and effectiveness. Our employees have access to many social benefits, and we also take care of our retired employees.


About the Company
We ensure product safety, and act in accordance with the applicable law and regulations. We are not indifferent to the needs and problems of others. Moreover, we make every effort to consistently minimise our impact on the environment. We take actions to reduce CO2 emissions, as well as water and air pollution, through the selection of the appropriate technologies and the high efficiency of our solutions.

The highest standards.




Farmapol’s production activities are conducted in two places: at the Company’s headquarters in Poznań, at ul. Św. Wojciech 29, and at the branch in Wysogotowo. The efficient organisation of production processes guarantees the achieving of the highest quality of products at every stage of production.

The production of medicinal products and active pharmaceutical ingredients takes place in accordance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice, which is confirmed by our GMP certificate. Good Manufacturing Practice ensures the high quality of production. The production of cosmetics also takes place in compliance with GMP requirements.

In order to ensure the safety of the produced dietary supplements, the HACCP system has been implemented, and is constantly maintained.






Research and development.

The Research-and-Development Department is an important part of Farmapol Sp. z o.o. We employ specialists who are responsible for the introduction of new products and services using the latest scientific and technological achievements. We cooperate with renowned scientific and research centres, which results in new, innovative, products.





We are a reliable partner in business.

Our reputation as a responsible and reliable partner is confirmed by the fact that the Company is a laureate of the Fair Play Company programme every year, and the Company’s products have won many awards and distinctions.


The “Fair Play Company” certificate confirms the Company’s reliability and care for good relations in all aspects and is awarded to companies which:

– have created the favourable conditions for effective work and professional development
– are sensitive to the needs of the local environment
– ensure their activities are environmentally friendly
– actively participate in charity projects – advertise honestly and fairly without discrediting competitors – act honestly towards customers, – are able to satisfy the most-demanding customers with the quality of their products and services, – have established cooperation with contractors and have not been in arrears in paying their debts to them
– meet their obligations to the State treasury in a timely manner.





The “Golden OTIS” Trust Award was created to fulfil consumer, educational, and social missions. Consumer mission – by researching the level of consumer confidence in the products on the Polish health market; educational mission – by making knowledge about these products publicly available to consumers.

The social mission is carried out by organising preventive actions, supporting patient organisations, and indicating possibilities for improving the functioning of the healthcare system in Poland and abroad. All participants in the “Golden OTIS” Confidence Award are committed to supporting its objectives.






Join our team!

Would you like to work in a Company in which quality and professionalism is a daily reality, thanks to which you will be able to fulfil your passions? Send your CV to the following address: kadry@farmapol.pl