Ispagul® S

dietary supplement

Natural dietary supplement – powder
A source of fibre.
Plantago-ovata seeds and husk facilitate bowel movements.

Ispagul<sup>®</sup> S
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gluten free

source of fibre

natural ingredients



200 g


Plantago ovata husk (Plantaginis ovatae seminis tegumentum)

Plantago ovata seed (Plantaginis ovatae semen)


Take 1-3 doses of powder per day, preferably in the morning and evening.


– Support the proper functioning of the digestive system.
– Have a gentle effect on the intestinal mucosa, supporting their proper peristalsis.
– Thanks to their binding properties, they help soften stools and increase their volume.
– They speed up the movement of nutritional content in the intestines (intestinal passages), which makes bowel movements much easier.
Regular bowel movements help to cleanse the body and support slimming diets.
In addition, plantago-ovata husks help to maintain the correct cholesterol level in the blood.


Measure out a 3g portion of the powder with the supplied measuring spoon, mix well with ¾ of a glass of water or juice, and drink. The powder can also be added to yoghurt, breakfast cereals or other foods, and taken with a large amount of water. Take 1-3 doses of powder per day, preferably in the morning and evening.

Plantago-ovata fibre – doses in the recommended daily intake (9 g)

1 dose 2 doses 3 doses
Husk 2.1 g 4.2 g 6.3 g
Seeds 0.9 g 1.8 g 2.7 g

ISPAGUL® S is intended for adults and children over 12 years of age. It can also be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women.
The product does not contain gluten.
Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are essential for maintaining good health.

It is not recommended to take ISPAGUL® S in the case of gastrointestinal diseases, intestinal obstruction, severe diabetes and severe diarrhea with fever.


Store in a dry place at room temperature, out of reach of small children.

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